HowTo: Make a REAL BOOK Kindle Cover

I love reading on my Kindle, but as anyone who has been using one for a while knows, it feels too delicate to drop straight into a bag and really needs a case. So, I need a case, but I want one that actually makes the Kindle look like a book - enough to make the person sitting opposite me on the tube take no notice of my fancy e-reader and prevent cabin crew bothering me to turn it “off” for take off and landing. So it’s going to need to have edges that look like pages and be book shaped… I thought, why not start with a real book and hack it to perfectly cradle a Kindle

…and thus went my weekend.  But, after two days of hacking, I’ve written it all up here

Getting Started With EC2

I spent some time at the weekend getting my iPhone Chess game up on Amazon EC2.  On Ubuntu.  It was kindof a pain, so I’ve written up some tips on working with Ubuntu on EC2 here.  Oh and you can try out the chess game too - play now .

Tweeting Killed the Blogg-i-ish Star (but the Potential of Long Form Prose May Just Win Him Back Again)

Since joining twitter, I haven’t written a single blog post - my old blog became defunct and is now available only via the magic of’s wayback machine.

I love twitter - it’s really changed the way I consume media.  I find most excellent content on the web these days via the folks I follow - my favorite blog, is now just a tiny slice of my attention span.  Twitter is helping me engage with content that isn’t on the web too - watching live TV has suddenly become much more interesting for me than on-demand because I can see what everyone else is thinking (even for ridiculously long tail shows late at night on cable only channels).

But, recently I’ve been considering embarking on a couple of more involved projects than I can capture in 140 char missives, so I’m going to experiment with web 1.0 all over again.  Of course, my twitter stream will remain the up-to-the minute stream of consciousness it is today, but I’ll start linking out here from time to time.  Wish me luck.